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Second Legal Opinion / Expert Witnesses

We can't know everything, and whether it is a builder or a doctor we often have to rely on the specialist knowledge and skill of other people. And sometimes you find yourself doubting what you are being told.

If this is your situation you might feel reassured to get a second opinion.

We have the depth of experience to give that second opinion on any of our areas of legal work. But we can arrange access to any field of expertise in the UK. Through our intelligent use of expert directories and other resources we can identify national and regional experts who will give that second opinion. The value we add is putting this advice in a legal context using it to help you resolve any problems you may have had.

If you are looking for a second opinion then there is usually no need for anyone else to know. If you want a legal second opinion then we would only want to review the papers you have with your lawyers. We would not contact them without your express permission. So there is no risk of damaging an existing relationship.

Your fees are made up of two parts: the amount paid to the expert for their report, and the amount paid to us for managing the process. We are used to negotiating these fees and generally have a good sense of the going rate. Where possible we will get estimate from two or three suitable experts and present the options to you for a Frisby & Small solicitors

Our fees depend upon the amount of work we do for you. Typically these are in the region of 300 - 500. This is usually enough for us to

  • Take instructions from you about the type of opinion you are looking for
  • Identify suitable experts
  • Liaise with them regarding their suitability for the type of report you need
  • Obtain a fee estimate
  • Report back to you with the options
  • Provide written instructions to the expert
  • Consider the report with you and advise upon any legal implications

Please contact us with any enquiry and we will get straight back to you.

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